ETA's tracked vehicles include trenchers and vehicles suitable for remote intervention tasks. Multiple tooling options are available and machines can be designed for versatility or tailored to specific operations.

Generally our track designs utilise standard components marinised for subsea duty. ETA have conducted research into track design, especially to quantify the soft soil performance of different systems, this has allowed us to optimise our use of these components. In addition a range of track plate designs can be offered.

The tracked vehicles are supplied with an easy to use control system. Depending upon the control functions required this can be an extension of the jetting sled control system or a more advanced PC based system.

A number of different burial tools can be fitted to the trenchers. These include jetters, vibro-ploughs, chain cutters and rock wheel cutters.

To discuss the suitability of an ETA tracked machine to your project please call us on:

Tracked Vehicles for Power and Telecoms Fields

Otter - Power & Telecoms

Otter provides an effective reliable solution for the burial of a range of cable types in water depths up to 30 m. The vehicle is based around a self-propelled track package with a universal linkage for deploying a range of burial tools.

LCSWT - Telecoms

The LCSWT is powered remotely from the surface by a diesel driven hydraulic power pack. A key aspect of its design is that the system is readily road transportable and can be rapidly mobilised at a work site.