ETA has been extensively involved in the development of Tidal Energy projects worldwide. ETA has provided support on all aspects of the cable installation, maintenance and associated technologies, offering services from total project management to ‘one-off’ consultancy assignments, design work, planning, and technical studies.

ETA’s broad range of skills, knowledge and experience has been used to bring about success on some of the most significant tidal projects worldwide including the UK’s first grid connected turbine with Open Hydro, and the in-stream turbines at the Bay of Fundy with FORCE.

Details of some of ETA’s work in the Tidal market can be found below; ETA is also currently undertaking other projects examining the connection of small farms of tidal devices.

Alongside our involvement with Tidal Energy, ETA’s expertise has been acquired from their background in the installation and maintenance of subsea cable in the traditional fields of power cable, telecom, or offshore oil and gas projects as well as from their extensive involvement with other offshore renewables.

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Tidal Power Clients and Project Examples

Tidal Turbine Grid Connection
OpenHydro were the first tidal energy company to complete the connection of a tidal turbine to the UK national grid and commence electricity generation with its 250kW Open-Centre Turbine at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in May, 2008.

Working through OpenHydro’s principle contractor ETA performed the offshore works required to connect the export cable, which involved the recovery of the cable end, re-routing the cable, pulling the cable up the J tube and performing the mechanical and electrical termination on the Openhydro platform.

These works were project managed by ETA and included the development of detailed procedures, supply of specialist personnel, and equipment to undertake the operations.
Tidal and Wave Energy Cables
During 2010 EMEC expanded their Orkney site with the installation of one further cable at the wave site and two cables at the tidal site. During these operations they also undertook remedial works on some of their existing cables and fitted new cable end terminations. For this project ETA supported EMEC in a variety of ways.

ETA reviewed the survey data and designed the new cable routes including cable crossings and interfaced with developers to ensure their needs were catered for. ETA provided Consultancy services with input into the cable specification from the installation and service life prospective, recommended installation contractors, prepared the cable installation specification and tender package. ETA then performed the tender review and supported EMEC in the choice of contractor.

ETA finally supplied the offshore project manager during the successful installation, repair and upgrade works.
Tidal Generation Limited:
Subsea Turbine Connection
TGL connected their 500 kW turbine to the UK grid at EMEC and started generating power in September 2010. This was also a UK first with the device being totally subsea.

ETA were initially contracted to provide peer review of TGLs installation contractors but following a number of installation issues ETA took a leading role in the cable works. This included detailed planning and modelling behavior of the cables during installation.

ETA became principle contractor for remedial works which included the recovery of cartridge plate from subsea foundation. ETA then developed the detailed cartridge plate and umbilical installation procedures, the detailed umbilical and EMEC cable jointing procedures. ETA also designed and supplied specialist installation aids, provided CDM Co-ordination during the final stages of piling of TGL’s foundation and supplied specialist personnel during the cartridge plate and umbilical installation.
Cable Consultants
ETA is providing consultancy, project management support and equipment to the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) which is Canada’s leading research center for in-stream tidal energy, located in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia.

This has included the review of the proposed cable routes, cable stability assessment, review of installation procedures and equipment, offshore attendance for vessel handling trials, development of an outline repair strategy and supply of a cable end termination. In addition ETA provided project management, project engineering and offshore support for the installation of a data cable at the site which is a pre-cursor to laying the four berth export cables.
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