• Tidal energy and tidal power cable installation

ETA have the varied cross market expertise to offer high level input and innovative solutions in new areas, and in smaller or less developed markets.

As well as in established areas, ETA’s knowledge and skills have been utilised in several emerging, or smaller markets for submarine cable. Notable areas in which ETA have worked include Wave Power, Marine Science and Seismic Cabling. Some details of ETA’s experience with in more uique markets are given below.

ETA were early entrants into the Tidal Energy and Offshore Wind Markets working on the UK’s first major offshore wind farm at North Hoyle, and the connection of the first Tidal Turbine to the UK national grid with OpenHydro at EMEC.

In these areas, ETA have been responsible for many key innovations vital in bringing technologies from development stages to commercial exploitation.


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Specialist and Emerging Market Cable Clients and Project Examples