What is believed to be the first ever Active (SMART) Hub has recently been delivered to Orkney in readiness for installation in the New Year on Wello’s CEFOW project.

The SMART Hub, designed and built by ETA, specialists in subsea cable products and services, will permit multiple devices to be connected to an export cable allowing individual isolation for device maintenance, separate disconnection and reconnection, and fault location. The Hub will also provide protection from cable faults through the use of industry proven circuit breakers.

Key to the SMART Hubs capability is the ability to be controlled remotely from the shore allowing isolation of individual legs and the re-setting of circuit breakers from a single or multiple onshore locations. Initially designed and manufactured for use with offshore wave energy converters the Smart Hub is ideally suited for Tidal and Offshore Wind installations of up to 24kV.

The first Smart Hub is planned for deployment on Wello’s CEFOW project in the New Year demonstrating Wello/Fortum’s commitment to investing in technology and industry advancements.”

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