ETA can supply specialised packages and components for ROVs to enable cable or pipeline burial. These work packages can be developed for specific ROV systems or to fit a range of work class ROVs.

ETA can provide deep water removable track packages for work class ROVs including pumps and jet tools.

We provide skid mounted jetting packages designed for an ‘ROV of opportunity’ with direct device and hydraulic pumps.

We can also provide cable grippers for the recovery of armoured or light weight cables up to 100mm diameters.

To discuss the suitability of ETA options for your specific ROV requirements please call:

ROV Packages

Deep water track package to fit to a work class ROV. Track package includes water pumps and jet tool. Tracks can be removed and replaced with skids for free flying operations.

Skid mounted jetting package designed for use with an ‘ROV of opportunity’. The water pumps can be driven by a range of direct drive and hydraulic drive combinations for maximum flexibility.

Used for the recovery of armoured or lightweight cables up to diameters of 100mm. The gripper is passive and requires no power from the ROV, it is deployed using the ROV’s manipulator. The cable gripper can be used for armoured or lightweight cables up to diameters of 100mm and has a SWL of 3 tonnes in Sea State 6. The unit is supplied with inserts for cable diameters up to 50mm and for 50 – 100mm.