• Oil and Gas Subsea Cable Installation

ETA provides subsea cable consultancy and engineering services to the oil & gas industry. ETA also designs and builds a range of equipment suitable for the burial of pipelines, umbilicals and cables. ETA can provide support on all aspects of cable, pipeline, and umbilical installation and maintenance, offering services from total project management, to 'one-off' consultancy assignments, design work, planning, and technical studies.

As with the other market areas we have an extensive range of skills and resources which allow us to offer an innovative and flexible approach to today's cable project demands. In addition many of our innovations developed for shallow water cable burial can be applied to umbilicals and pipelines.

Alongside our experience with Oil & Gas, ETA’s expertise have been acquired from their background in the installation and maintenance of subsea cable in the traditional fields of telecom, or power cable projects as well as from their extensive involvement with offshore renewables.

A sample of ETA’s varied experience in the Offshore Oil & Gas market can be found below.

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Oil & Gas Energy Market Cable Clients and Project Examples