• Off Shore Wind Power Cable Installation

ETA has been involved with offshore renewable projects since ‘North Hoyle’, the UK’s first major offshore windfarm project. ETA has provided support on all aspects of the cable installation and maintenance, offering services from total project management as ‘cable package managers’, to 'one-off' consultancy assignments, design work, planning, and technical studies.

In their role as ‘cable package managers’, ETA has provided the overall project management of the offshore cable including specification, procurement and installation on many offshore wind projects such as Q7 (Princess Amalia) Windpark (120 MW), Belwind (Bligh Bank) Windfarm (phase 1 – 165 MW) and on the Tees Offshore Windfarm (62 MW).

Alongside our work in the offshore wind market below, ETA’s expertise have been acquired from their background in the installation and maintenance of subsea cable in the traditional fields of power cable, telecom, or offshore oil and gas projects as well as from their extensive involvement with other offshore renewables such as Tidal Energy.

A sample of ETA’s varied experience in the Offshore Wind market can be found below.

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Offshore Wind Power Cable Clients and Project Examples