ETA have developed a range of jetting sleds for the burial of cables for the power market. ETA’s extensive research and trials have led to a design that optimises jetting efficiency. Below you will find details of ETA’s power cable laying jetting sleds.

To discuss the suitability of an ETA jet sled for your project or ETA’s capabilities to repair and modify existing equipment please call:

Power Cable Laying Jetting Sleds

Salamander I-III/OJ200

Power cable shallow water jet sled, 2.7m standard burial depth capability, 5.2m maximum. Salamander 1 operated by ETA during its first project.


Jetting sled capable of up to 3.2m burial; It is an upgrade to the original OJ200 design and includes a subsea water pump and a subsea hydraulic system and is capable of operation in deeper water.

Salamander V

Power cable shallow water jet sled, with a 6m burial capability. Designed by ETA to have both a simultaneous lay and burial, as well as post lay capability.

Mod Jet

Power cable variant of the highly successful Sea Venture Jet Sled. Equipped to bury up to 2.4m, but can be tooled to bury power cable to depths of 5m.