ETA design and build rugged, reliable installation equipment for use on subsea cable projects worldwide. Building on their extensive knowledge of all aspects of subsea cable operations ETA can provide burial machines, and cable handling equipment designed for, and perfectly suited to client and project requirements.

A rigorous approach is taken to product design to ensure that all performance requirements are satisfied. The design places emphasis on operational efficiency; simple, rugged construction; and economy of operation and maintenance.

The products are built up from well proven technology building blocks such as control, hydraulic and electrical systems.

We have an established track record of working with clients to satisfy technical, cost and time constraints.

A number of products have been built to ETA designs with supervision by contractors local to the project work site, in order to eliminate shipping lead times. In some instances, we have been able to offer purchase costs lower than the cost of hiring equivalent equipment.

To discuss your requirements, call us on the number below or see the links below for equipment previously designed and built by ETA:

ETA Product Range

ETA provide sleds with surface water pumps for the shore approach sections and for operations in water depths of up to 25 m and sleds for deeper operations which can be fitted with subsea pumps if required.

Simple and easily mobilised tool for use in jettable materials providing a better progress rate and more consistent results than when using diver jetting or an air lift. Can be upgraded to diver-less operation.

ETA’s tracked vehicles include trenchers and vehicles suitable for remote intervention tasks. Multiple tooling options are available and machines can be designed for versatility or tailored to specific operations.

Established as an effective and reliable method for burial of cables, ETA can offer a number of shallow water cable ploughs, supplied with easy to use control systems.

ETA design and manufacture a range of reliable cable handling equipment tailored to your project and vessel requirements. ETA can supply everything from gantries to line monitors.

ETA have a great deal of experience designing and supplying a range of subsea cable accessories unique to client and project requirements including connectors, terminations, and hang off systems.


ETA can supply specialised packages and components for ROVs to enable cable or pipeline burial. These work packages have been developed for specific ROV systems or to fit a range of work class ROVs.

ETA design and build grapnels for cable detrenching, recovery, route clearance and ploughability survey (PAS). Designs range from wheeled and non-wheeled basic types, to our 3.0 m Tiger grapnel.