ETA’s ISRSystem permits the marine operator to safely perform repair and jointing operations on a de-powered segment of a cable system, while the remaining segments remain active. The system has been designed and tested with absolute safety in mind and has been used with great success on numerous repairs to date.

The ISRSystem has been engineered specifically to enhance ship board jointing operations on switchable branched powered telecommunication systems, enabling the majority of the system to remain active during the repair operation.

Consisting of three primary components (sensors & alarm, earthing, and a procedure library) the ISRSystem has been engineered for use with both Universal Joint and Millennia Joint technologies.

Other jointing technologies can be included if required.

ETA’s ISRSystem has been used with great success on numerous system repairs and to-date has been installed on 4 separate repair vessels. All tools and equipment have been designed and electrically tested by an independent test establishment to 400Amps. The Sensor and Alarm system have been rated to 10kV in accordance with British Standards.

Built with full redundancy against power failure, the system will activate upon the sudden presence of a current above 100mAmp or 250mAmp (selectable). The bespoke switching unit is rated to 10kV (tested to 25kV for 1 minute), has passed 28kV impulse +/- 15 times and has been tested to 400A. The system is capable of withstanding a BU failure when the switch is in the open or closed circuit condition..

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