The ISRSystem Mobile permits the user to safely perform repair and installation jointing operations on land sections of a marine system, while remaining segments remain active. The system has been designed and tested with absolute safety in mind and has been used with great success on numerous operations to date.

The ISRSystem Mobile provides the In Service Repair capability normally associated with large maintenance ships into land jointing and mobile locations such as shallow water barges.

Consisting of four primary components the ISRSystem Mobile has been engineered for use with Alcatel Lucent land jointing technologies and cable. Other jointing technologies and cable designs can be included as and when required.

ISRSystem Mobile technology is derived from the highly successful shipboard ISRSystem. The technology has been used with great success on numerous system repairs and to-date has been installed on 5 separate repair and installation vessels. All tools and equipment have been designed and electrically qualified by an independent test establishment to 400Amps. The Sensor and Alarm system have been rated to 10kV in accordance with British Standards.

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