The ISRSystem Mobile permits the user to safely perform repair and installation jointing operations on land sections of a marine system, while remaining segments remain active. The system has been designed and tested with absolute safety in mind and has been used with great success on numerous operations to date.

The ISRSystem Mobile provides the In Service Repair capability normally associated with large maintenance ships into land jointing and mobile locations such as shallow water barges.

Consisting of four primary components the ISRSystem Mobile has been engineered for use with Alcatel Lucent land jointing technologies and cable. Other jointing technologies and cable designs can be included as and when required.

ISRSystem Mobile technology is derived from the highly successful shipboard ISRSystem. The technology has been used with great success on numerous system repairs and to-date has been installed on 5 separate repair and installation vessels. All tools and equipment have been designed and electrically qualified by an independent test establishment to 400Amps. The Sensor and Alarm system have been rated to 10kV in accordance with British Standards.

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In Service Repair Mobile

ETA In Service Repair Mobile


  • 24 hour battery Life
  • Maximum number of Remote Sensor Units - 3
  • Alarm Activation–100mA or 250mA (selectable)
  • Rated to 10kV
  • Max Current 400A
  • 24v & 240v with battery back proving full redundancy against power loss
  • Independent Earthing System
  • Design and qualified on ASN OALC4 cable and land joint technology (PEL)

Sensor and Alarm Unit:

The first part of the system is a truly mobile unit containing active current sensors and alarms. Designed and tested to the highest standard this part of the system provides continuous monitoring for current on the cable throughout the entire repair operation.

Built with full redundancy against power failure, the system will activate upon the sudden presence of a current above 100mAmp or 250mAmp (selectable). The bespoke switching unit is rated to 10kV (tested to 25kV for 1 minute), has passed 28kV impulse +/- 15 times and has been tested to 400A.

Tools and Equipment:

The second component of the system are the earthing tools and equipment. Again designed specifically for this application the tools provide continuous earth protection to each power conductor within the cable. Tested to 400A the simple to use tools provide effective and complete protection for the operator. Ease of use means quicker operational times.

Operational Procedures:

The third component of the system are the comprehensive procedures which are used in conjunction with the jointing procedures and cover nearly all current cable types in use. Those cable types not currently covered can be easily and quickly introduced as and when required. Full training for all users and operators ensures that the system is used both safely and effectively, maximising the cable operation.

Independent Verified Earth:

No part of the system is any more or any less important than the other. However, it is reasonable to say that in terms of providing the best levels of protection and safety the system can only operate as good as the earth that it is attached to. In the ship board environment this is easily achieved by connecting to a permanent ships earth.

However, in a terrestrial location this is clearly not possible. To overcome this situation, a specialised process has been devised to provide a verifiable earthing point close to the point of operation and thus providing the principle point of protection.