ETA have the varied cross market expertise to offer high level input and innovative solutions in new areas, and in smaller or less developed markets.

As well as in established areas, ETA’s knowledge and skills have been utilised in several emerging, or smaller markets for submarine cable. Notable areas in which ETA have worked include Wave Power, Marine Science and Seismic Cabling. Some details of ETA’s experience with in more uique markets are given below.

ETA were early entrants into the Tidal Energy and Offshore Wind Markets working on the UK’s first major offshore wind farm at North Hoyle, and the connection of the first Tidal Turbine to the UK national grid with OpenHydro at EMEC.

In these areas, ETA have been responsible for many key innovations vital in bringing technologies from development stages to commercial exploitation.

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Specialist and Emerging Market Cable Clients and Project Examples

Wave Energy Joints
Working on behalf of EMEC, ETA provided specialist expert advice relating to the installation of the joints between dynamic and static cable during the installation of a wave generator at the EMEC site in 2010. ETA were also drafted in to provide advice relating to the additional problem of water ingress in the static cable.

Working closely with the generator owners and EMEC, ETA took cable samples of the static cable for testing; conducted a design review of the proposed new joint; and witnessed the testing and trial assemblies. Following this, ETA provided the Client Representatives for EMEC during the subsequent successful installation.
Cable Recovery
ETA were commissioned by the Cleansea project to provide Project Engineering support and design services for their major cable recovery and recycling project.

ETA provided the design and fabrication drawings for the deck spread, including cable stowage arrangement, and equipment sea fastening; as well as the selection of the specialist handling equipment for the unique high volume cable recovery and recycling vessel. A principle challenge was optimising the recovery and offshore operation to match the post recovery onshore recycling and transportation processes.
ETA were commissioned by Lighthouse R&D Enterprises Inc to provide a range of services for the installation of a scientific sensor array system. Involved from the planning stages onward, ETA provided the design, build, installation, mobilisation, and commissioning of the unique cable lay spread, capable of handling sensitive sensor systems. ETA’s Project Engineering teams also provided the full procedures and cable working practices as well as the offshore team for large parts of the operation.

Following this, ETA conducted the design and mobilization of shallow water trenching spread for the cable and provided the Offshore superintendent for post lay burial of cable from beach to 25 m water depth. The success of the LORI project lead to ETA being commissioned for further work on the spread for the LORI II system that followed.
Offshore Hydrocarbon
Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping plc (OHM) is a leading provider of remote electromagnetic sensing services designed to detect the presence of offshore oil and gas.

At the request of OHM ETA conducted a review of the power distribution system for their existing DASI III system which included the design of an upgrade to the high voltage (HV) system from 1.8 kV to 4.5 kV. ETA then designed and supplied the HV Line Insulation Monitoring (LIM) system for this upgrade.

Building on the success of the DASI III system OHM was constructing a new system, DASI IV. For this project ETA were contracted to supply a variable HV (up to 4.5 kV) power distribution system including control monitoring and protection circuits. This was fitted into a fully lined and air conditioned 20 ft ISO container which was subdivided to provide a storage space at one end.
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