The ETA Cut and Hold Grapnel has been designed to locate, cut and recover all LW and LWP telecom cables currently in use. The Cut and Hold Grapnel is the first of its kind capable of recovering a cable from depths of up to 9000m.

The use of a Cut and Hold Grapnel can significantly enhance marine repair operations when locating and recovering the first cable end, particularly in deeper waters on Lightweight cable variants. Current estimates have determined a minimum of 18 hours can be saved; in practice this could be considerably more.

The ETA Cut & Hold Grapnel is capable of being able to hold the cable up to and beyond its NTTS value, regardless of size or strength, ensures the cable is retrieved effectively to the surface and the risk of the cable end being lost during recovery is minimal.

The ETA Cut and Hold Grapnel utilises the energy derived from the vessels tow cable as the power source. This means the design is purely mechanical with no electrical or hydraulic devices to go wrong.

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The ETA Cut & Hold Grapnel