ETA provides a range of subsea power cable joints which are cost effective, quick to assemble and can be used to join differing cable designs to each other (universal).

Designed specifically for applications such as renewable energy sites where time is critical, the ETA MV power cable joint utilises an intuitive and unique system to seal the cable and connector against sea water. As a result the joint housing is not resin filled saving considerable assembly time and cost. The system used to seal the cable is quick and permanent.

The ETA MV subsea power cable joint design has resulted from the accumulation of proven technology gained from many years experience designing and building subsea power cable joints. Working both in the field and in the design environment has provided essential knowledge necessary to produce a design which is cost effective, highly reliable and resilient.

ETA specialises in the design, enhancement and provision of cable joints and connectors. As an independent company, free from any cable or plant manufacturer, ETA’s prime focus is on providing technology 100% fit for purpose and serviceable throughout the system life.

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