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The 80mm Cable Cutter has been engineered specifically to enhance ship board safety and operational efficiency. The unit can be used in either remote mode during recovery conditions or for emergency cable cut, and for routine cable cutting during normal service operations. During cable recovery operations the 80mm Cable Cutter can be attached to the cable bight before tension transfer and removal of the Grapnel. In doing so the cable can cut remotely (up to 20m) removing the need for personnel to be handling the cable during this hazardous part of the operation.

Cutting the cable takes less than a minute depending on the cable type. Once cut the cable can be recovered leaving the cutter on the deck to retrieved at a later time.

Due to its design, the cable cutter can also be fitted to the cable at any stage during the operation. In addition the cable can be hauled through the cutter should the need exist. In doing so the cutter can pre-positioned on the cable should the vessel need to cut and discharge the cable under an emergency condition.

The 80mm Cable Cutter utilises the latest tool steel to provide superb robustness and durability. The end result is a cutter which can be used time and time again without the need to replace key components such as the blade or bar.

When the blade does finally show signs of wear, instead of replacement the blade can be re-ground and re-used a number of times.

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